Auckland’s Virus and Germ Protection Specialists

At Hot and Steamy, we are committed to helping guard your workplace or home from viruses, bacteria and mould. Our unique sanitising and surface protection solutions can protect all surfaces for up to 3x months using non toxic bio-static anti microbial technology.
Our service solution includes products tested and proven to kill Coronavirus (COVID-19) on contact.
Our preventative service usually includes the following process:

  1. Assess areas to be cleaned and then sanitise high touch point areas utilising technology proven to kill COVID-19 and other viruses, before applying long term virus and germ protection.
  2. Apply our surface protection system* at 3x monthly intervals for best ongoing protection.

BioShield® 75 molecularly bonds to almost any surface. This non toxic protectant is even FDA approved for use on food preparation surfaces. BioShield® 75 is trusted in numerous industries, including healthcare, hospitality, travel, food and entertainment.

All our preventative treatments are tailored to your individual needs and we provide ongoing treatment programmes to ensure you are continuously protected for an optimum safe and healthy environment.

We specialise in 3 monthly protection of:
Daycare centres, healthcare clinics, schools, restaurants, cafes, religious organisations, rest homes, plus any commercial or residential situation where people frequent. We strictly abide by current COVID-19 health and safety practices for a safe and healthy environment during and after treatment of the premises.

Contact us at our Auckland office on 0508 STEAMY (783269), or email us directly at today for a quote!