The Smartest Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners in Auckland

Regular professional carpet and upholstery cleaning will keep your home looking its best and will remove dirt, dust and stains as well as nasty odours that would otherwise damage and stain your carpet and upholstery fibres. A thorough deep steam clean by us will also lift the flattened pile and give it a softness that's been lost through heavy use.

What can you do for my carpet & upholstery?

By prolonging the life of your carpet, couch or other furnishings with periodic deep cleaning, you are also promoting better indoor air quality and thus a healthier living environment for you and your family. You'll be surprised just how bright and fresh your home will look and feel after a Hot and Steamy carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning treatment. No matter where you live in Auckland, you can trust us to keep your precious furnishings looking and smelling fresher for longer. No more unsightly stains or nasty odours!
We use the steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) method to properly clean carpets. This is the only method recommended by most carpet manufacturers and also the NZ Wool Board. We will first assess and discuss your cleaning requirements and what stains might be removed with our regular clean, or if further treatments are also required. We will then pre-spray all carpeted areas to be cleaned with a special pre-mixed solution that breaks down stubborn dirt particles, before we finish the process with our steam cleaning machine that sprays hot steamed water under pressure deep into the carpet pile. This is vacuumed back out almost at the same time by two powerful vacuum systems – therefore extracting out as much moisture as possible, without damaging carpet fibres – ensuring your carpet dries as fast as possible. The results are amazing!
It’s always a good idea to ensure your carpet is properly vacuumed before we start cleaning your carpet. Our powerful steam machines are great at removing deep down dirt, however lint and hair are better removed with a good roller brush vacuum. Luckily we also provide a professional vacuuming service with our commercial roller brush vacuum, that can get deeper into the pile than most regular vacuums, so if you would like to add that service before we steam clean, please advise us before we arrive.
Please remove as much furniture as possible from the areas to be cleaned to ensure we can access as much free carpet as possible. We will move smaller items including lounge suites, that can be moved by one person. We will not move larger bulkier items, electronics or fragile goods, so please ensure these are moved prior or we can successfully clean around most items as well if required.
You may have been dissapointed with your last clean taking sometimes days to dry! This comes down to both the cleaning method and quality of the carpet cleaning. We spend time ensuring we remove as much moisture with our vacuums as possible; we are not racing to get to the next job and this is crucial in getting your carpets dryer, faster. Most carpet will take between 2 and 8 hours to dry thoroughly. The exact time depends not only on the carpet cleaner but also on several other factors such as the amount of soiling and staining, air temperature and even the structure and makeup of the carpet itself.
Whether you need targeted stain removal, or as part of a general carpet clean, we are Auckland's stain specialists. Having undertaken specific stain treatment courses, you are assured the highest quality results. We offer the most comprehensive advice and treatment possible on a range of spills including food, drink, wax, oil and paint. When we assess your carpet for cleaning, we will indicate which stains are likely to be removed with our general clean and which may not be. We will also indicate which need more specialist products to be used, at a small additional cost, that will either completely remove, or help reduce a particular stain's appearance. Please note that as there are many factors determining whether or not a stain may be extracted from your carpet, we can make no guarantees of removal, however we will indicate the likelihood of removal before starting. For coloured stains such as red wine or cordial that have been left in the carpet for some time, we often can use a specialist peroxide based treatment where appropriate to lighten or remove the mark. Let our experience in stain treatment, put your mind at ease; we'll get the best results possible.

Couch and sofa services to have your home looking good

A visit from our upholstery cleaners also prevents soiling from deteriorating your fabric with longer term staining. A yearly cleaning programme will maintain the life of your investment and means you won't need to replace your expensive furnishings as often. Even if your lounge suite has not benefited from a service for years, the results are amazing! With our hot water extraction upholstery cleaning system, we can remove a lot of soiling, particularly the results of body oils that leave those ugly dark patches on the backs and arms of chairs, for example. Trust our couch and sofa cleaning to have your lounge suite looking like it's straight out of a furniture catalogue. Also, if you have just purchased a second-hand suite, why wouldn't you want to know it's completely sanitary before you sit or lie on it? When it comes to superior upholstery, sofa and couch cleaning, call Hot and Steamy, we're the experts.
Upholstery Cleaning

Don’t lose sleep, our mattress cleaning is hygienic and affordable

If you've been lying on your mattress for a year or more and never had it cleaned, give us a call to arrange it. Our mattress cleaning uses the same advanced steam system as our carpet and couch cleaning. Don’t do it yourself; a visit from Hot and Steamy means a mattress cleaning that will remove not only dust, dirt and stains, but also pathogens and dust mites. Sleeping on a hygienic, fresh mattress should be a right, not a privilege for all of your family.
mattress cleaning

Specialist Rug Cleaning

You can trust us to carefully sanitise your rugs and mats. As with carpets, rugs react very well to a specialist service by our upholstery cleaners. Rugs may look easy enough to take care of but before we do, we will need to ensure they are colour-fast. Some organic vegetable dies can be unstable, so we will always examine and test rugs first to ensure they can be safely serviced.
Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery Protection

Our upholstery cleaners use only the highest quality products for our valued customers. Our fibre guard protection system repels spills and stains so they don't penetrate the carpet fibres or upholstery fabric causing permanent staining. Our professionally formulated and applied solution is sprayed directly onto your carpet, couch or sofa straight after cleaning. It dries up completely clear and invisible but provides durable protection for up to three years. Ask us about this option before we start work and we can offer you a package discount for both sanitisation and protection.
Upholstery Cleaning

Our promise

For information on our sofa, couch, carpet, mattress or upholstery cleaning, or to enquire about our pest control or ceiling and wall cleaning, talk to us today. Our expertise promises the highest standard of clean for your home. We guarantee our workmanship and will happily come back if there is an issue. We offer complete satisfaction, if you're not happy, then neither are we. To book our services, call us today on 0508 STEAMY (783269) or email us your problem at We have a solution for you!