Tile Cleaning & Glass Restoration For Auckland

Tile Grout Cleaning and Colour Sealing Auckland


Are your tiles looking old and dirty? Did you try cleaning them with no real success? Most of the time it’s the grout that’s the reason your tiles look so tired. Grout is very porous, meaning even if you mop your floors regularly, dirty water and cleaning agents will penetrate the grout, discolouring and staining it permanently. At Hot and Steamy we have a two-step tile and grout cleaning and restoration process, helping them look like new; waterproofing the grout and thus protecting it from dirt and discolouration. Bathroom, shower or kitchen, our cleaning and polishing process leaves your tiles sparkling again.

Don’t have your tiles ripped up and replaced, have them professionally cleaned and restored with our two step process…

The first step is to treat your tiles to a much needed deep clean, employing our specialised products and technique.  Although cleaning will instantly give a fresh appearance, some areas of the grout may still look slightly stained and will continue to attract dirt leading to further discolouration and staining again over time.

We will seal the grout with a process that’ll leave your tiles looking like new.  Our grout colour sealer comes in over 15 different colours, allowing you to change the colour of your grout, which in itself can completely transform the appearance of your tiles and the whole room. Our patented colour seal service not only produces amazing results, but what’s even better is it lasts for up to 15 years! Constructed from special cement hardeners and rubberised compounds that bond to the existing grout, it also leaves the grout waterproofed, which is ideal as it’ll no longer stain, a simple wipe with a cloth and the dirt will come right off again without sinking into the grout. With around 20x colours to choose from and the ability to also tint it to the colour of your choice if our large colour selection doesn’t suit, this is the perfect solution to old or newly tiled surfaces. Quite simply, you will be astounded at how well our colour seal works.

Talk to us today about how we can professionally clean, protect, and transform your tiled floors and walls with our specialist cleaning and colour sealing service. Our cleaning and polishing service is perfect for every tiled room in your home – bathroom, shower, kitchen and laundry, we do them all. We will offer you a free in-home quote and sample of colour seal on one of your tiles in one or more colours so you can see for yourself the amazing results achieved at a fraction of replacement costs. Our skilled technicians are available right across Auckland, so call us now!

Shower Glass Water Stain Cleaning & Polishing

We specialise in transforming dirty shower glass that has become dull and stained from hard water mineral deposits. If you have been contemplating spending thousands on a new shower box, think again; you’ll be amazed at how well we can restore your scummy old shower glass back so you can see through it again!

If you’ve already tried most products on the market in an effort to restore yourself without much luck, you’ll be glad you contacted us. Using a very special patented polishing paste and polishing machine, we can achieve the best possible result, cleaning your shower to an ‘as-new’ sheen. Call us today and book your shower in for a clean like no other, we’re available for polishing and to clean your shower glass throughout Auckland.

Nano Protection for Shower Glass


If you have new shower glass and want to protect it from water spotting, then we can protect it for you with our German made Nano Coat protection system. You will receive a 3 year warranty on new glass and a 2 year warranty on glass that we have cleaned and polished for you.

As soon as this special coating is applied to the glass, you’ll see the water droplets bead up and those nasty mineral deposits from soap and water will no longer stain and bond to the surface, making shower cleaning and polishing simple and easy!

We offer a 15% discount on nano coat application if applied in the same visit after our clean and polish service. You’ll also receive a complimentary nano re-charge gel, sponge and instructions; this gel is easily applied by the customer after 12 months to keep the nano coating active.

Contact us today and book in your tile or shower glass cleaning and polishing service in Auckland and save your home from stains. We also provide comprehensive cleaning services for your carpets, ceilings and walls, and for commercial properties.