Controlling Fleas, Flies & Other Pests Across Auckland

In addition to providing a premium steam cleaning service, we also specialise in getting rid of unwanted guests. We offer cockroach, spider fly and flea control services that are efficient, environmentally-friendly and affordable, meaning no one has to live with pests for one day longer.

We make it our goal to help rid Auckland of pests. We know how stressful it can be living in a home that’s overrun with pests, so we make solving the problem easy. Our experienced team uses safe and proven methods to target insects and permanently remove them without causing harm to the environment. Rest assured that we’ll deal with your pest problem quickly and efficiently.

Pest control that’s more effective than a swatter

Flies are a part of life, but there is such a thing as too many. Our company offers quick fly control services to get you your home back. Take down the fly paper and put away the aerosol; our service is quick, effective and affordable.

Fleas are a hazard, not just for dogs but for everyone in your family. Stop the itching fast with professional flea control that’ll have you and the pets looking and feeling a lot happier and healthier.

Take back control of your home with some professional help

You can trust us to offer an effective solution depending on your situation. As licensed pest control technicians, you’re always assured the highest standards of professional integrity and expertise. Using the safest, most effective products available in the pest control industry today guarantees pests don’t have to disrupt your life much longer.

As well as being carpet, ceiling and wall cleaning experts, we can help with nearly any pest problem. Talk to our experienced staff today and find out what we can do for you.

Email our Auckland office at or call our Auckland office on 0508 STEAMY (783269).

Typical pests that we target include:

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    Carpet Beetle
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