Auckland’s Premier Commercial Glass Cleaners

The cleanliness and presentation of a business is often perceived as a representation of their quality, especially for establishments in the food industry. By ensuring that your windows aren’t tainted with dirt and pollen, and other glass surfaces receive regular cleaning to avoid smudged finger marks and stains, potential customers and clients will instantly be impressed about how you present your operations, and be more willing to give you their business.

At Hot and Steamy, we go above and beyond to keep your business premises sparkling. Bringing the latest equipment and methodologies used in the industry, we are the professional glass cleaners that will lift the aesthetics in any area by such a degree, it will do more than attract the attention of passers-by.

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Why professional glass cleaning is essential for any commercial property

Using inferior glass cleaning products and techniques can leave windows and surfaces in your business looking streaky, smeared, and just as dirty as they did before anything was applied. There’s an art to bringing a certain shine into your workplace.

Our expert cleaners utilise the finest microfiber clothes that leave a streak-free glean to any surface they are run across, as well as highly effective glass cleaning chemicals to remove all grease and unwanted substances, without leaving noxious, disorientating aroma that disturbs your customers or employees. We have been servicing commercial properties throughout Auckland with premium glass cleaning for many years, and would always love to add yours to our roster.

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